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Healthful Recipes - Salvage's Gazpacho

Description: My wife was the designer of this wonderful recipe in a quest to create a heart healthy dish with as many ingredients that we grew from garden as possible. As we migrated to the winter, we adopted the ingredient list and substituted some of the fresh ingredients for canned. To our surprise, it still tasted reasonably close to the fresh version. When we make it, we tend to make a vat as it takes time to prepare and keeps well for days.

3 28 oz cans of tomatoes (fresh if they are truly vine ripened and not just chemically colored)
3 large seeded cucumbers
5 medium white onions
½ stalk (6-7 ribs) of celery
4-5 red, yellow, or orange peppers (feel free to mix and match)
1 green pepper
½ bulb of fresh garlic
½ bunch of fresh cilantro
2-3 tablespoons of liquid smoke
2 oz Balsamic Vinegar Glaze
1 oz Worcestershire Sauce
1 oz Red Wine Vinegar
Fat free Croutons to taste
HEAT- we use a variety of hot peppers from our garden or add cayenne pepper, sriracha sauce, or any hot sauce to spike it up in heat.

Please note, the ingredient list is highly flexible. We often substitute green or yellow squash for the cucumbers or combine the three.

Preparation: The best part of this dish is there is no cooking. We tend to hand chop half the none liquid ingredients (except for the garlic and cilantro which we completely chop finely) and pulverize the rest in a food processor. The combination makes a nice texture to the dish. Please note, the spice level of the dish tends to rise as the spices work their way through, so be careful not to add too much extra heat until it's sat for a bit. Add the croutons when serving.

Variations: In the summer when we have fresh watermellon, we sometimes add a little to the Gazpacho to increase it's sweetness. Alternatively, a little brown sugar can be added, but I try to avoid adding any sugar to my dishes unless completely necessary.

Please note these quantities are approximate. We usually cook to taste, adding a pinch or more than a pinch of spice along the way.

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