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WalkingResource.com is very comprehensive, but there are many other great sites that can assist you with your interest in all forms of walking.

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RaceWalk.com GreatTreks.com


One Dres, One Woman, One World - www.OneDressOneWoman.com

General Walking Related Sites >

Race Walking Related Sites >

Curt Sheller's Page: A plethora of walking information that is updated frequently.
High School Race Walking: A great site with a ton of stats for high school race walking.
IAAF: The International Association of Athletics Federations, the governing body for track and field for the world (which includes race walking.
International Race Walking Naumburg: An international race 20K Men & Women, 50K Women.
North American Race Walking Institute: A non profit corporation and is related to the North American Racewalking Foundation. The Institute is focused on raising money to support the athlete training program at the ARCO Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, and on supporting high school programs such as Tom Eastler's in Maine. All donations to the Institute are tax deductible, and a regular accounting is made to all donors along with current news. The Institute is located in Pasadena, CA .
Race Walking Record Magazine: After 60 years in print, Race Walking Record ("The voice of British race walking") is now available in electronic form, via a new web site.
USATF: Check out the USTAF website which is the governing body for race walking in the USA.
Walkertown USA: Club listings, results, etc. A plethora of information!
World Class Race Walking: Dave McGovern's site covering clinics, schedules and race walking information.
Yahoo! Group - MarathonWalkers: This is a support group for anyone interested in marathon walking. We will share information, advice and support. For all experience levels - whether you are planning your first marathon or your 50th.
Yahoo! Group: Texas Racewalking: Discussion group for walkers in Texas interested in racewalking for fitness and fun. This is a support group to meet other people, find out about local races, etc. All levels welcome.

General Hiking, Trekking, Travel Related Sites >

iConqure: iConqure is a series of guided team hiking adventures at exciting destinations utilized by non-profit organizations as a reward for successful fundraisers.
The Walking Connection: Information on fitness walking, healthy lifestyles, hike training, tips, and guided adventure travel.
Walking and Hiking in the UK: WalkingAndHiking contains over 50 articles all written by our team of experts and we add around new 10 articles each month.

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